About Our Business
Our Company

We are an owner-operated company running by a
couple that shares a very successful 40 years in life
as well as in business.

With more than 3 decades as a space planner’s
experts we achieve in our records many hotels and
apart-hotels abroad among residencies and offices
spaces and we has been providing to our customers
high quality work from concept to completion.

From custom-designed interiors, kitchen and bath
remodels, closets and woodworking, design and
contracting services.
We intend to give you 100% of our efforts
in turning your visions into reality
for all of your remodeling, addition
and building needs.
This is our mission.

Our Team:

Marcos the President of the Company with a
BA in Electrical Engineering is a certified
computer designer. He is always looking to
perfection, he cares about customer service,
attention to detail and efficiency.

Tania is a Brazilian born talent architect
with a passion for design and solid
background. She has been a member of the
American Society of Interior Designers - ASID
for many years.

Ann is a visionary and marketing person for
excellence. His industry knowledge and  
expertise engenders the bond and trust wich
are the backbone of our customer
What our customers said:

...Recommended by a friend, I met with Marcos for
a non obligation consultation to discuss the options
I had to make my kitchen more functional and nicer
place. After about an hour we had an entire new
design for my kitchen. Marcos not only delivery what
was promised but also exceed my expectations.
The great experience have made me a completely
satisfied customer.
Luciano A.

I am happy to write this letter of reference for Mr.
Marcos Stern. We hired his Company to install a
kitchen, laundry area and several closets for one of
our consumers. This woman was disabled and used
a wheelchair in her condominium and needed
consideration in  the design and installation. Mr.
Stern did a wonderful job; He is very knowledgeable.
He assisted with the planning and design, he kept
his appointments, did what he said would, returned
the calls promptly.
He was very courteous and very pleasant to work
with him.
Lorraine D. M.
The POLYMARK DESIGNS    team are looking forward to serve you too